Guest Comments

–My wife will be home shortly.  She has just gotten off her offshore rig.  She had just called and told me to be packed, hooked up to the boat, and ready to roll when I got home because we are going to the Lake.  We called and booked a room for the next 3 days.  Linda gave her a play by play of everything my Cabins have to offer and she said we are on our way.  After a blow out on the boat trailer then Linda giving wrong directions from Morgan City they were late getting in.  The next morning they were still good sports after the hassle of getting to Big Sam.  The Lady looks at me and says the cabin is exactly as you said and some.  I was happy to hear cause my little north and south direction mess up caused them to be traveling late.  TOP it off…they each caught a Big Bass.
IMG_8208  IMG_4999

–The LoneSome and LoneStar plus the 2RV 50 amp.  Full Hook ups that adjoin each Cabin are rented for a Family Reunion July…April 10.  One of the family members  drove up to make sure everything would satisfy their needs during the reunion.  I ask her if everything was as I said and she said this is NICE.  This morning I was rechecking my reservations at the Marina the LOG Cabin is now rented for the same Reunion.

–Caught a few… Kept 1 bass, 1 crappie, & 2 catfish.  A few largemouth got away while teaching Dustin how to pitch lures at the bank in 6-24 inches of water, but the bass were there spawning for sure.  Threw back a couple also…

–Linda – Your “Lonesome Dove” cabin at Jackson Hill was great and we will be back for sure.  I loved it that we could beach the boat right out in front.  I’m attaching your flyer for any friends interested… Many thanks!


My goodness..catching makes the trip so much more fun..I am so glad Dustin got n on the action…I sincerely Thank U and  ur family for UR stay..will see U next Trip…Linda

 I can not begin to express how much we enjoyed the use of your cabins this past week.  They helped to bring all of our family together for a wonderful reunion.  We will definately be calling again to enjoy them again.  We will pass your facility on to other people to help you to keep them occupied.  Thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity.  

Jim and Debbie Burrous